VA Business Start-Up Consulting

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Ensure your VA Business in on target for success! Starting and building a business takes more than just ambition and crossed fingers. It is a continual learning process filled with ups, downs and lots of long days! When you are first starting out, there is little room for error, so it is important to seek feedback and guidance from those who have been there before you. Our customized VA business consulting is designed to do just that. Whether you are looking for some perspective on what it takes to get a VA business off the ground, or you need help formulating a launch plan for your new business, or even just need a VA to VA session to strategize for growth; a consulting session serves as a cultivating, nurturing environment to launch!

With multiple package options available, select what works best for you.

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Creating Your Customized Path to Success

Each session can be customized to meet your specific needs. An example of items we can cover include:

  • Finding and developing your strengths: assessing your approach
  • The basics of your business
  • Your business structure and rate planning
  • Marketing yourself and your business
  • The client search: matching skills with needs
  • Technology resources and training (could be split up as segments across sessions)
  • Data Management: how to run your business efficiently and effectively
  • Creating and maintaining strong business relationships
  • Using feedback as a tool for improvement
  • Growing your business
  • How to set up your office: what you’ll need and what works best

Upper level sessions could also include:

  • Developing alternate revenue streams for your business
  • Gaining media exposure
  • Ramping up your branding
  • Business registration and licensing assistance
  • Financial budgeting assistance
  • Finding new clients
  • Beginner and advanced levels of technology training/instruction
  • Use of social media and networking events for you and your client
  • Resources for continuing education


We look forward to working with you to start or grow your business! Please select from any of the packaged sessions below. The more you buy, the greater the savings!

Virtual Assistance Business Start-up Consulting- Single Session- $75.00
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Virtual Assistance Business Start-up Consulting- 3 Session Package- SAVE 10% off of Single Session Price- $199.97
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Virtual Assistance Business Start-up Consulting- 5 Session Package- SAVE 20% off of Single Session Price: $299.97
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Virtual Assistance Business Start-up Consulting- 2 Month Weekly Intensive (8 Sessions)- SAVE 25% off of Single Session Price Best Value Price: $549.99
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