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How much time are you spending on your Unique Ability ®  each day?


Not enough? We can help!


We help busy entrepreneurs like you clear their plates of the administrative tasks that distract them from doing their best work each day. Our Strategic Support Team provides cost-efficient, highly-skilled, on-demand remote assistance– customized to meet your specific needs.

Like Strategic Coach, we believe great delegation is the foundation for growth. Hear our perspective on working successfully with virtual teams on Shannon Waller’s Team Success podcast. On the call we talk about the varying ‪‎remote‬ support‬ options and the pros and cons of all.. plus alot of great delegation tips! Check it out here: http://www.teamsuccesshandbook.com/working-with-virtual-teams/


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We are goals-focused delegation strategists and can help you with all of your back office needs such as:


Complex Scheduling

Global scheduling of large, high-profile groups via phone and web- we’ll even send your meeting confirms!

Travel Planning

International and domestic travel coordination and planning.

Communication Management

Email and telephone communication with senior management and high net worth individuals, all while making sure that digital rolodex is in perfect, working order.

Process Design

Let us help you refine and develop systems for all those internal processes that are slowing you down.

Technology Setup & Consulting

CRMs, Task and Project Managment Tools.. leave it Delegate to find you the tool to help you do your best work.

Expense Management

Compile and organize all those pesky receipts and bills! Keep your finances in check all the way from the dollars to cents.

Personal Concierge

Yup, we even can help you better manage all the moving parts of your personal life… soccer and baseball registration, anyone?

Event Planning

Let us throw your next soirée or conference.

Marketing Support

We can coordinate, track and manage print and web campaigns

Customer Service

We can keep your customers coming back for more.

Directed Research

Put us on the hunt to track down all of the important data and content you need to better manage your projects.

Delegate’s Network of Third Party Services

Let us introduce you to our vast network of trusted 3rd party service providers including, but not limited to accountants, web designers, project managers, attorneys, and so much more!

Personal Concierge

Luxury level support for personal and business requests.


5 (of the many) Reasons to Delegate


  • CHECK OUT OUR NETWORK We are resourceful. Aside from our talented team, we have a vast network of external resources.
  • OUR BANDWIDTH We support small and large projects and scale to meet your needs
  • SAVE MONEY Minimize staffing overhead costs…No more paying payroll taxes, insurance, benefits, and office space – forget it!
  • MAXIMIZE YOUR TIME Increase your productivity and add more hours to your very busy day.
  • EXPAND YOUR IMPACT We enlist the most qualified team members to ensure that the brand you have worked so hard to build is extended in the best possible way. Our team is savvy, professional and operates with the highest level of discretion and skill. Sit back and relax while we make the perfect match for you.

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