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Business Support Done Differently

Think more flexibly about your team-building needs!  Our remote support services are designed to provide elasticity to your company staffing needs.  Whether your team is overwhelmed with daily time-wasting tasks, or you’re carrying FTE headcounts of underwhelmed staff who don’t have enough work to keep them busy, we fill those support role gaps.  Leverage your team with our help to increase productivity and make every minute count!

Use our team to easily delegate tasks like:


Complex Scheduling

Global scheduling of large, high-profile groups via phone and web- we’ll even send your meeting confirms and setup your web meetings!

Travel Planning

International and domestic travel coordination and planning.

Email Management

Email and telephone communication with senior management, or let us assist with managing your overflowing inbox each day.

Board Meeting Prep

Coordinate location and scheduling, prepare board materials, gather data to create custom reports or presentations and order catering to your venue.

Personal Concierge

Yup, we even can help you better manage all the moving parts of your personal life… the important but not urgent  personal to-dos you don’t want to task to your your in-house team.

Human Resources Support

Post job openings, pre-screen applicants, setup and manage employee surveys, create custom reporting of performance metrics.

Sales Lead Mining

We can scour RFPs, scan organizational web pages and gather contacts or identify industry leader contact info.

Directed Research

Put us on the hunt to track down vendor options, holiday gifts, office supplies or upcoming events to attend.

Event Prep

Let us source venues, vendors and supplies for your next soirée or conference.

Marketing Support

We can coordinate, track and manage print and web campaigns, or automate your sales follow up campaign.

Marketing Data Entry

Make sure all of those contacts you made at your last conference are properly entered into your contacts and your CRM… with follow-ups noted!

Social Media

Campaign strategy and maintenance, content sourcing and scheduling, Facebook ad and audience management, send LinkedIn connect requests, post your blogs across social media platforms… did we mention we even have in-house marketing and technical writers?

Gather Analytics

We can help gather and further automate all of your campaign analytics and present them in reports that your team can run with.


Send client invoices and apply payments, pay vendors and submit payroll reports to your payroll company.


Reconcile Quickbooks transactions, create and manage expense reports, setup recurring billing or payments, or compile and organize all those pesky receipts and bills!


Efficiently track down and format key data reports that you want to keep an eye on each week across the organization.

Asana Deployment

Get your team communication OUT of email and into Asana’s simple, organized system.  Delegate will setup a customized Asana deployment for your team to easily manage task and project accountabilities.

Personal Concierge

Luxury level support for personal and business requests.

Process Design

Let us help you refine and develop systems for all those internal processes that are slowing you down.

Technology Setup & Consulting

CRMs, Task and Project Management Tools.. leave it Delegate to find your team the best tools to automate your systems and improve efficiency.

Delegate’s Network of Third Party Services

Let us introduce you to our vast network of trusted 3rd party service providers including, but not limited to accountants, web designers, project managers, attorneys, and so much more!

We provide the support you need with benefits you’ll notice!  We are:


  • PRODUCTIVE  Keep your visionaries and producers focused on key activities and delegate the rest
  • MOBILE  You’re always on the go; our remote team can cover you anywhere
  • DIVERSE  You’ll get full-access to knowledge base of our diverse, highly-skilled team
  • COST-EFFECTIVE  Invest only in the support you need now
  • SIMPLE  Take the “noise” out of the office with our off-site team
  • CONSISTENT  Never be without a dedicated, trained support team

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