Asana Deployment

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Take Back Time with Asana!

Get back 2-3 hours every day! With this platform, it’s simple and FREE  to manage tasks and priorities.

    – Are you tired of drowning in email sent by your own internal team?

   – Are you using email and paper for task and project management?

   – Is your lack of internal organization causing your team to not execute well?

If so, get your team communication OUT of email and into Asana’s simple, organized system.

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Here’s how our Asana deployment has helped a few of our clients:


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The Key is in the setup!

Delegate will setup a customized Asana deployment for your team to easily manage task and project accountabilities.

Our Plug and Play Solution Includes:

  • DESIGN: Individual Q&A sessions with your key team to understand priorities, roles and projects
  • SETUP: Custom Asana deployment for your team
  • TRAIN: Personalized, recorded video training for your team featuring tips and tricks to get the most out of Asana
  • – SUPPORT: Ongoing TLC to troubleshoot and questions during the start of your usage

Get Results Now!

  • – Get a better handle on the status of open projects and tasks within your company
  • – Cut your internal email by potentially 80%!!
  • – Finally see the end of redundancy and time wasted on your project management efforts

Screenshot 2015-03-11 12.37.51