Intentions Planner

Intentions Planner


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The premise of the Intentions Planner is simple: We start with our goals, or more beautifully – our “intentions.” Everything else is merely a distraction. From there we take action and break our goals down into next best steps we can implement each week; these are our “priorities.” The beauty of our Intentions Planner is that we keep our priorities front and center while also keeping track of all the necessary distractions (i.e. To Do’s) that come with running a business.

Balance your priorities in tandem with your open tasks for the week.

Each week is laid out to create the perfect balance to hold yourself accountable to manage today’s tasks with your longer-term intentions.  Below is a sample of the layout:

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Our Intentions Planner is broken down into a simple structure designed to help you keep forward motion on your goals- despite all the daily distractions we are faced with. The simplicity of the system allows you to become more intentional with how you accomplish your priorities alongside your open tasks. We’ve even added tabs and bookmarks to help you easily reference your goals and weekly tasks.

The Planner is setup to align with an overall year, but can be started at any point within the year.

We work within this simple structure:

flow chart

Our planner sections are laid out to map to this simple structure above:

  •  Section “A”= Annual Goals & Intentions
    • List out your annual intentions by category: Clients, Team, Sales, Operations and Personal. For more info on goal setting, check out our goal-setting guide on the following pages.
  • Section “Q” = Quarterly Goals
    • Before the start of each new quarter, get focused! Break those annual goals down into manageable quarterly goals across categories. Share them with your team or accountability group!
  • Section “P” = Weekly Priorities
    • Every Monday, before you start your work week, break those quarterly goals down into weekly priorities (next action steps to meet your goal). There should only be about 3-5 priorities in this section. These are your “must accomplish” tasks for this week and should always directly align with a quarterly goal. We suggest you block time on your calendar each week for these items. You’ll find this section on the top of the left page each week.


Balance your priorities with your open tasks in one simple to use planner!