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Consulting Team Leader & Hiring
Atlanta, GA

Anne-Marie leads our team with heart, skill and passion.  Her vision is to create a killer team and develop a workplace culture that complements our team member’s lives in meaningful ways.


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Founder & President
Philadelphia, PA

At the heart of it all!
Learn all about our founder here.



Operations Consultant & Client Advocate Lead
Charleston, SC

As our master juggler, Joe can interview a new team member, develop a marketing plan, and help a client overcome an obstacle…all while standing on his head. Well, maybe not the last part.



Delegate Client Concierge Consultant
Philadelphia, PA

As our client support rockstar, Jamie is there to support our clients with billing changes and questions. She is constantly ready to take on any challenges at Delegate.


Management Consulting Assistant
New York, NY

Georgia is always ready to assist the management team with new tasks and projects. There isn’t a task or project that Georgia hasn’t met head on while looking for more to take on.


Social Marketing Consulting Strategist
Denver, CO

Katrina is an ideal marketing strategist-creative, artsy, reliable & smart.



Senior Associate
Philadelphia, PA

Jen brings organization to the next level. Assisting clients with administrative needs independently allows them focus on growing their business. Her ability to always be dependable and efficient brings clients peace of mind.LEADERSHIP-ROCKSTAR-mar17



Senior Associate
Newark, NJ

Leslie’s personal interests are as diverse as her professional experiences. Her resourcefulness and “can-do” attitude helps Leslie tackle any and every task, regardless of size or complexity.



Senior Associate / Team Trainer

Raleigh, NC

A natural organizer, Eileen’s attention to detail and ability to streamline processes allows for optimal results in reaching your big picture goals.PEER-ROCKSTAR-jul17LEADERSHIP-ROCKSTAR-jan17


Senior Associate
Houston, TX

Fact-finding and follow through are two of Amanda’s key strengths, whether due to her strong legal background or just her tenacious personality. Either way – she’s gifted at tackling big projects and producing big results.PEER-ROCKSTAR-arp17LEADERSHIP-ROCKSTAR-sep17


Administrative Consultant
San Francisco, CA

Kathryn is the consummate professional and the glue that keeps the team together and on track. Her motto is fun, focus and follow when helping clients and on the tennis court.



Senior Associate
Reno, NV

Cathy’s organizational skills and level-headed expertise can help wrangle any out-of-control schedule into something manageable. She has an eye for detail and specializes in streamlining processes. Her goal is to give her clients peace of mind, knowing that when something is handed off to her it will get done!LEADERSHIP-ROCKSTAR-jun17PEER-ROCKSTAR-mar17


Senior Associate
Wilmington, NC

Erin is logical, analytical, and great at translating possibilities into plans! She enjoys the challenge of streamlining and organizing, and is decisive when carrying out objectives and meeting goals.LEADERSHIP-ROCKSTAR-jul17LEADERSHIP-ROCKSTAR-feb17



Senior Associate
North Huntingdon, PA

Amber enjoys taking on the research and all those little tasks that get in the way so clients can focus on their main goals and objectives. She likes to learn and find new programs that can streamline, organize and simplify a clients day and maximize their time.PEER-ROCKSTAR-may17

Liz Billings


Senior Associate
Burlington, NC

Liz’s passion for organization, coupled with her drive and determination to help her client’s achieve their goals, are two of her strongest assets. She has over 8 years of administrative experience and is a master at effectively and efficiently conquering multiple priorities at one time.PEER-ROCKSTAR-jun17LEADERSHIP-ROCKSTAR-may17

Delegate Solutions Team Brooke


Red Bank, NJ

Brooke provides a fresh perspective and thrives on streamlining procedures and utilizing her technical background to automate wherever possible. Having extensive experience in start-up environments – she is accustomed to wearing multiple hats!LEADERSHIP-ROCKSTAR-apr17LEADERSHIP-ROCKSTAR-aug17



Philadelphia, PA

Beth has strong organizational skills and a keen focus on detail, and uses those skills to create order and structure. She enjoys being a problem solver, taking a project and putting together the pieces of the puzzle to find a way to deliver results above and beyond expectations.



Houston, TX

Sarah has a passion for bringing harmony into the workplace with her positive attitude, and her ability to create/establish efficient processes.  Her natural curiosity for all things drives her love for in-depth research and fact-finding. Her personal motto is “Work Hard, Play Nice”, and she enjoys helping companies run like fine-tuned machines, while always keeping a sense of humor.PEER-ROCKSTAR-oct17


Administrative Consultant
Los Angeles, CA

Julianne gets satisfaction from untangling complex scheduling, conquering complicated organizational tasks, offering stellar service to her clients’ contacts, and creating a sense of harmony for her clients. Her goal is to make sure they all feel very well taken care of.


Northlake, TX

Gaby enjoys research and organization and is always searching for ways to streamline processes. By paying attention to the details and bringing order to the workday, she assists clients in achieving their business goals. Her personal motto is “Take work seriously, but don’t take yourself too seriously!”


Jacksonville, FL

Keyana is a retired veteran that knows the importance of attention to detail and strategic advancement especially in matters of life and business. She enjoys multi-tasking and helping clients implement plans of action that produce immeasurable results.


Lilburn, GA

Alayne is deliberate and intentional when approaching her work. She has an investigative personality that always keeps her digging deeper for answers to problems. Her critical thinking skills and evaluation strategies provide useful assistance to busy executives.



Colorado Springs, CO

Kristin enjoys using her skills in organization and research to refine processes and improve productivity. She enjoys analyzing problems and identifying new and creative solutions to increase efficiency and client knowledge. Kristin is a joyful multitasker who is always willing to help wherever needed! LEADERSHIP-ROCKSTAR-oct17


Wilmington, NC

Rebecca takes great pride in her ability to approach her work with a high level of adaptability, dependability and strong communication skills. She thrives on creating a sense of peace amidst the buzz of progress, and her passion for project management and creating systems that work make her a valuable asset to her clients. Her personal motto is “Work smarter, not harder!”



Technical Services Consultant
Philadelphia, PA

Mary’s our go-to geek for Google Apps, hosting, domain name issues and security – those pesky details needed for a smooth ride online. In addition to her techie street cred, she’s a history dork, too.

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