March 2017 – Rockstar of the month

02 Mar 2017, Posted by Delegate Solutions in Rockstar

At Delegate Solutions, we believe our greatest assets are our Team Members.

They have all come to us with executive level experience, a love of helping others succeed and an innate affinity for our methodology.


Our process is simple: Our Leadership team nominates one team member who has really raised the bar for excellence in client satisfaction and diligence in following our internal processes over the past month. Next, our entire team gets to nominate one of their peers for their embodiment of our core values (as outlined in our manifesto). While every member of our team is outstanding, we are proud to publicly honor them individually each month for their exceptional qualities.

March 2017

Leadership Nominated

Rockstar is:



Why she’s chosen:

Jen is this month’s Leadership choice for Rockstar! Our Leadership team nominated Jen because of the amazing work she does with our clients. In addition to that, Jen consistently follows all of our internal processes to support the organizational goals and priorities. She brings the whole package both to Delegate and our clients. Her commitment to doing her best work each and every day, in conjunction with creatively and systematically following the Action Plans is what sets her apart for us this month.
Our clients have made a point of complimenting Jen on her work and have shared that because of her efforts, they cannot imagine life without her! One client shared,

“I know I’ve said this before, but I can’t help but reiterate how smart, helpful, and lovely Jen is. She’s become indispensable in a short time. I’m continually impressed by her responsiveness (she works great with my ‘quickstart’) and how thoughtfully she manages all the variables I throw at her, which are often sent her way in messy/confusing ways.”

Great Job Jen! We are proud to share your incredible ability to plan and organize the busy lives of our clients. Your diligence and great enthusiasm shine time and again. Xox

March 2017

Peer Nominated

Rockstar is:



Why she’s chosen:

Cathy is a quiet RockStar, and such a joy to work with. Always helpful and easy to be around, Cathy provides level headed subtle support both inside the team and to our clients. Her impeccable ability to troubleshoot workable solutions for long range stability makes her stand out as an example for the rest of the team. Her peers have said

“ I just appreciate having people like Cathy in my life!”


“She will go above and beyond to help me and my clients.”

Congrats Cathy, your calm reliable contribution to our team are so appreciated. You Rock! xoxo

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