January 2017 – Rockstar of the month

01 Feb 2017, Posted by Delegate Solutions in Rockstar

At Delegate Solutions, we believe our greatest assets are our Team Members.

They have all come to us with executive level experience, a love of helping others succeed and an innate affinity for our methodology.


Our process is simple: Our Leadership team nominates one team member who has really raised the bar for excellence in client satisfaction and diligence in following our internal processes over the past month. Next, our entire team gets to nominate one of their peers for their embodiment of our core values (as outlined in our manifesto). While every member of our team is outstanding, we are proud to publicly honor them individually each month for their exceptional qualities.

January 2017

Leadership Nominated

Rockstar is:



Why she’s chosen:

Eileen is this month’s Leadership choice for Rockstar! Our Leadership team nominated Eileen because of her warm, capable attitude combined with her impeccable eye for detail- all of which exemplify what sets our team apart. Leadership views this as her unique ability to take initiative to understand what needs to be done and then to do it with grace and confidence. One of our most important internal processes is updating the Leadership Team on progress and the needs of our clients. Eileen consistently submits her reports on time, with great feedback and always adds very insightful recommendations.

Congrats Eileen on a consistent job well done. We are grateful for the support you provide our team as Team Trainer and for the amazing work you do for clients each day. Thank you for all your hard work- it doesn’t go un-missed! xoxo

January 2017

Peer Nominated

Rockstar is:



Why she’s chosen:

Maggie is this month’s Peer choice for Rockstar! She consistently steps up to help, whether it’s meeting the deadline as our staff writer, or reaching out to her teammates who need additional resources or an encouraging pat on the back. Her cheerful spirit exemplifies the Delegate difference. One of her peers echoed this when they shared that “she is cheerful, and helps me stay positive.” Another shared, “She follows our Delegate core value to act as a generous, friendly, resourceful problem solver.” And another shared, “I love Maggie. She’s super kind, always helpful, and a pleasure to work with!”

Congrats Maggie for your efforts and thank you for sharing your warm and friendly personality us! We love having you as part of our team and clearly your teammates do too! xoxo

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