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02 Oct 2015, Posted by Delegate Solutions in Hello, Twelve

Changing the Way We Work!


Almost 8 years ago today, in search of a more flexible work opportunity I founded Delegate Solutions. My son was on the way, I was commuting to Philly and dreading the thought of working a 9-5 with a child. So, I took my skills and translated them into something that would not only flexibly generate income, but meet my professional needs as well. While I recognize not everyone is so opportunistic, the desire for flexible, fulfilling work is universal across socioeconomic levels.



In her NYT article “A Toxic Work World” Anne-Marie Slaughter shares that our workplaces no longer fit the realities of our lives. She argues that this is not a narrative of a “women’s problem” or a “family problem.” Rather, it stems from a culture of overwork in America where only the most competitive workers putting in the longest hours can survive; thus deteriorating the infrastructure of our families and communities.


This is an opportunity for us as entrepreneurs to re-imagine a more productive, happier workforce, which in turn creates the foundation for a strong, successful society. As an employer, I view this as our problem to solve and want my company to be part of the solution.


Our mission for Delegate going into 2016 will be to help reshape the culture of the traditional American workforce into one that values quality, flexibility, contribution and effectiveness; and we will lead by example. I want to see Delegate set the standard of how this can be done profitably and successfully, with work that complements our team members lives in meaningful ways. And in turn, we will help other companies do the same.


There’s endless ROI in cultivating a nation’s workforce, and as employers we are called to action. At Delegate we are committing to build our company in ways that benefit not only our clients and leadership, but our team as well. Watch us lead the way as we contribute to this collective initiative :


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