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At Delegate we focus on executive strategic support for highly successful entrepreneurs, executives and their teams. We look to work with clients who (1) understand the leverage and ROI that effective delegation provides and (2) are clear on their goals for what they are trying to achieve.

Service programs vary from client to client.  We are “goals-focused delegation strategists”, so we are always looking to develop support strategies that are in line with what you are trying to achieve.  We also look at tasks you are doing that you don’t enjoy or that don’t need to be done by you and incorporate that into our strategy.  This can change and adapt over time as you grow.

Some of the most requested services we perform for clients include: business automations, complex scheduling, travel planning, directed research, inbox management, project management, contact management, expense tracking and reporting as well as personal requests, just to name a few! We are also up to speed on all of the latest technology, so our clients constantly turn to us as their primary resource to suggest and implement the most relevant new business tools. You’d be surprised with all we can assist you with, just ask!

Clients contract with us in retainer agreements.  Retainer clients have a consistent monthly need for support.  They maintain their volume each month and require regular (usually daily) maintenance for ongoing, recurring tasks. Clients in retainer agreements commit to a specific number of hours per month and the hourly rates are discounted.  Retainer arrangements start at 25 hours per month.

Our work is time-based and we track our time by the minute.  It’s good to have a sense of your volume needs, but if you don’t we can help you figure that out.  All of our clients sign a client agreement and pre-payment is required to begin services. We also offer the convenience of auto-billing.

Our employees are located across the United States and work remotely across US time zones.  Our team is thoroughly vetted and trained by our team for many months before they ever interact with our clients.  We pride ourselves on having an amazingly talented and professional team.  In 2017 alone, we vetted over 2,000 candidates and hired the top 1% for our team.  We have perfected our hiring formula to ensure the best fit for our service deployment.

There are many ways!  First, Delegate works in a teamed approach.  We have structured our service to create redundancy so that you are not relying on one single individual to cover your support needs.  This means that as you grow, you’ll never need to find, manage or train a support resource again!  


Second, Delegate takes a consultative approach to delegation.  A Virtual Assistant is a  task-based resource, where YOU have to identify and manage the delegation and the deliverable. At Delegate, we structure the delegation for you based on your unique goals and help identify the leverage points that will give you the most ROI.

That approach to delegation coupled with reliable, proactive support is what really creates leverage for you and your team.

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